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Oil and Gas

ProMIS has improved its skills especially in the automation of oil (petroleum) and natural gas plants owing to the broad experience it has gained in the field of industrial automation for long years.

ProMIS Oil and Gas Group carries out its activities in the following 3 main fields :

        Natural Gas Regulating and Metering Stations (RMS)
        Natural Gas Odorization Systems
        Oil Truck Loading Stations

Having concentrated on the automation of natural gas RMS and the odorization of odorless natural gas since 2003, ProMIS successfully delivered more than 100 projects nationwide.

ProMIS, which successfully provides the design, installation, start-up and maintenance services of natural gas RMS in accordance with turn-key basis, engages in the sales and distribution of regulators, valves and flow computer units used in this field.

Having started to produce odorization units as well, ProMIS is the leading company of Turkey in this field and especially in the export and sales of odorants.

Another area of expertise of ProMIS Oil and Gas Group is the automation of oil truck loading stations. The design, production, assembly, testing, start-up and maintenance services of all components needed in a oil truck loading station such as; crude oil tanks, tanker filling equipment, fire prevention system, canopies, electrical system, automation equipment system are provided.

Our References

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