Odorization in NG, LNG, LP

Electric Motor Diaphragm Pump Injection System

  • Pumps are powered up by a 3-phase electric motor.

  • Does not require frequent maintenance. Failure Risk is Low.

  • Wide Range Pump Selection for High and Low Flow Rates.

  • Optimal Solution for High Capacities

  • Safe, Clean. Does not release odor to the environment.

Bypass Injection System

  • Odor Tank is Pressurized (Line Pressure + 1 Bar).

  • There is no solenoid valve.

  • Odor Tank is Filled with Line Gas. Cushion with Nitrogen Tube.

  • Used in Low Capacity Stations. (Max: 15000 cm @ 3)

  • Maintenance-free. Nitrogen tube is changed periodically.

  • Tank Capacities Between 100-300 Lt


SCADA for Bypass