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ProMIS has improved its skills especially in the automation of oil (petroleum) and natural gas plants owing to the broad experience it has gained in the field of industrial automation for long years.

Having concentrated on the automation of natural gas RMS and the odorization of odorless natural gas since 2003, ProMIS successfully delivered more than 100 projects nationwide.

ProMIS, which successfully provides the design, installation, start-up and maintenance services of natural gas RMS in accordance with turn-key basis, (cont.)
The activities in the field of energy which ProMIS has been carrying out since 1999 focus on the establishment of turn-key Hydro Electric Power Plants (HEPP); several projects of different capacities have been successfully put into use.

Having carefully examined the performance factors of HEPP projects which have become very popular especially in recent years, ProMIS has determined its line to be only designing and putting into use turn-key projects. ProMIS, which believes that all responsibilities should be brought together under the roof (cont.)
Having systematically specialized in industrial automation since the day it was established, ProMIS develops solutions to the needs of many establishments from various sectors and provides consultancy services.

These services which are designed and offered by ProMIS engineers who are specialists in telemetry, communication, energy, automation and electrical engineering comprise of solutions that comply with industrial standards, are independent of contractors, use state-of-the-art and consistent technologies, prioritize system functions and productivity. (cont.)
In 2007, ProMIS reorganized the experience it had acquired in software development and project management for long years within a more organized structure and started to develop management software for the needs of business world.

Having been developed by ProMIS Business Software Group and put on the market at the beginning of 2009, ProMIS BMP is a user-friendly internet based Business Management Platform designed to fulfill all management and ERP needs of every kind of establishments. (cont.)