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About Us

ProMIS Process Control and Management IT Systems Ltd. was founded as a result of a merger between Vamego Industrial Products Trade Ltd. (1986) and Prokom Process Control and Computer Technology Ltd. (1989) in 1994.

Having specialized in industrial automation and software, ProMIS started to operate in establishment of power plants in 1999.

Having made agreements with foreign finance organizations as of March, 1999, ProMIS has provided its customers with finance credits for their projects under favorable conditions and managed to reach an ambitious position.

ProMIS, which has built the systems of odorization, electricity and automation for more than 100 Natural Gas Regulating and Metering Stations (RMS) nationwide since 2003, is the leading company of Turkey in the odorization of odorless natural gas and the supply of odorants.

Having concentrated on the field of software since 2007, ProMIS started to develop its product ProMIS BMP (Business Management Platform) in the light of the knowledge acquired in project management for long years. ProMIS BMP, which has been on the market as of the beginning of 2009, filled a huge gap in the field of integrated business management software thanks to its ever-growing structure and features.

ProMIS Ltd. carries out its business activities in Ankara and Istanbul on the base of Oil and Gas, Energy, Industrial Automation and Business Software business units.

Having put its signature under high-quality projects, ProMIS cooperates with system integrators as well.

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