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ProMIS Process Control was established in 1994 as one of the eighth automation company in Turkey. Since then achieved 100+ projects  in Turkey and abroad in different sectors but mainly Oil, Gas and Energy sectors as an EPC or an integrator.

Company History is as follows:


Process Control and Automation

ProMIS has started it’s business activities in process Control and Automation field. Since 1994, different PLC’s SCADA’s were used. As a system integrator from 1994 till 2002 managed projects in different sectors before concentrating on  mainly Oil and Gas sector.

Some of the Projects that has completed as follows:

  • *1993 – Orta Anadolu Textile – Commissioning, Training, and Consulting – Foxboro DCS
  • *1993 – Tüpras Refinery, hydrocracker unit – ESD, Commissioning,  Foxboro DCS
  • 1994 – Orta Anadolu Textile Plant – Water treatment plant – GEFaunc PLC and Iconics SCADA
  • 1995 – Ege Seramic – Chemical and Dye Ceramic Plant – Complete mechanical and electrical work,  manufacturing tanks, steel work, erection, commissioning, start-up , including automation. – Siemens PLC and Wonderware SCADA
  • 1996 – Tamsa Seramik – Bulk Material Handling – EPC – Complete mechanical and electrical work,manufacturing tanks, steel work,erection, commissioning, start-up , including automation. – GEFanuc PLC and Citect SCADA
  • 1997 – Canakkale Seramik – Bulk Material Handling –  Complete mechanical and electrical work,manufacturing tanks, steel work,erection, commissioning, start-up , including automation. – Siemens PLC and Citect SCADA
  • 1998 – Hunca Sampuan – Shampoo Production – Complete mechanical and electrical work, manufacturing tanks, steel work,erection, commissioning, start-up , including automation. – Sixnet PLC and Citect SCADA
  • 1999 – Etibor – Sodium Perborate Plant – EPC – Contract was awarded in State tender. Complete work was achieved as a turn-key. – Omron PLC – Citect SCADA was used.

* These projects executed by the owner of the company and carried to the ProMIS references

Oil and Gas

After 6 years being in automation in different sectors, ProMIS decided to be in Energy, Oil and gas sector in order to serve to it’s customer with more knowledge and experience in these fields. From 1999 till 2004 mainly stayed in Energy sector and involve in such projects. When natural gas privatized in Turkey, gas distribution were done with local companies. ProMIS got into sector and dominate this sector with  involving in more than 70% projects. These natural gas projects mainly reducing metering stations, skid and container type with high level automation, including flow computers, metering, custody transfer, ex-proof instrumentation and gas chromatographs. In addition to that central SCADA systems transferring date from correctors in 50+ locations. Pipe line, valve stations, compressor stations E&I were part of the additional work. During that time frame, ProMIS also executed a tank loading station for DNO in Northern Iraq.

During 2004 – 2019 ProMIS team also involved in manufacturing odorization units for Natural gas, both by-pass and pump injection. Installed more than 50 units.

Some of the projects that were involved in:

2004 – 2019 – Different gas Distribution Companies. More than 180+ A type Reducing Metering Stations automation, instrumentation, commissioning and start-up. Different RTU’s were used., including redundant RTU’s, Mainly Citect and ProMIS inSCADA were used.

2005 – DNO, Finland- Fishkabour Tank Loading Station, EPC, Foxboro DCS, Enraf  Tank Gauging System

2017 – TANAP – Lot -1 , E&I, 14  Block Valve, 2 Compressor, 1 Metering Station

Energy Sector

After 6 years being in automation business, ProMIS has decided to go to vertical market in it’s field. Oil, Gas and Energy will be the sectors for ProMIS team for the rest of it’s business life. 1999 was the first couple of projects that were awarded in Energy sector. ProMIS started the energy sector first 5 cascade Hydro Electric Power plant. Initially started with automation only. In the mean time, ProMIS was awarded a project in Basrah, Iraq. 2×100 MW Thermal power plant, mechanical work was done by Russians, electric, automation, commissioning and start-up was done by ProMIS. Just before Iraq Gulf was started project was completed. From 1999 till 2019 ProMIS has completed 20+ projects especially in the field of Hydro electric power plants from as as small as 3 MW up to 65MW.

One of the most difficult project was awarded 2016 in Afghanistan. It was both revision, upgrade and new installation. Meaningless to say the difficulty of the environment, and working conditions. Plus time limitation and a day of 30,000 USD per day for the late delivery. ProMIS team completed the project without single day penalty of Energy and without supervision, and detailed project designs in their hand.

Some of the Projects in the field Energy

1999 – Bereket enerji – HEPP 5 x7.5 MW Francis – Commissioning, Start-up  and automation –  Siemens PLC, Citect SCADA

1999 – Najibiyah Power Plant, Basrah, Iraq  2x 100 MW Thermal Power Plant, Electrification, Erection, Commissioning, Start-Up. ABB Freelance DCS

1997 – 2019 More than 20 hydro electric power plants put into operation. References could be found in Reference Page